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Hide details for Web ServerWeb Server
MBLTADSK8MFix the problem where a formula error appears and fails to log on to iNotes in 9.0.1FP7 if the server locale is non-English, e.g. German. This was a...
RGAU9YHJS2Fix a problem with using Web Service Consumer when using hidden code.
YJIAAGSMKEFixed problem where hotfix build number was causing an error in session data retrieval.
RSHA7SNA8QEnhancement Request to enable logging for X-Forward header in Domino.
MKIN98UT2YFixed an issue where IE would display a warning inappropriately.
TITH9S574SFixed an issue that prevents using alternative names for default values. This was a regression in 9.0.
YDEN95BDY5Enhancement Request: Provide a notes.ini (HTTPScrubCookies=1) that will obfuscate with asterisks cookie values (not cookie names) when logging to any...
RSOIA6QFKQFixed a server crash in the calendar code which was causing HTTP to crash.
Hide details for XMLXML
TSAOA47MUHFixed a DIIOP crash when the Java program exports the specific document with DxlExporter.exportDxl via CORBA/IIOP
Hide details for XPagesXPages
PEDSADSHM2Fix an Extension Library Resources Caching issue
RGAUA3PFNBFix an issue where each click on the application opens a new window tab if the setting "Run Server-based Xpages Applications Directly On Domino...
LPTPACMUR8Fix an issue where the Client is prompted to trust a certificate when an XPage application is hosted on a Domino server with self signed...
MNIAAG2C7SFix an issue in XPages where if the view option "Don't show empty categories" is enabled and there are hidden documents with readers field and there...
MNIA9UCECYFix an issue where an XPages application is behind a reverse proxy and when starting an application including the REST service, it generates a 404...
MNIAA9TFJ2Fix an issue where mobile.xsp of the discussion application fails to load the initial page when using the proxy xsp property.
RPEA9FU2NHXpages: Fixed an issue where 'xspdoc.Getdocument()' is null
MDOY9AYMJQFix an issue where dates for repeating entries in the calendar views are returned incorrectly using ViewEntryCollection.
MDOY9PGDPLFix an issue where the view CreateNavFromKey method incorrectly throws an exception when no entries are found in the view range.
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP7 9.0.1 FP7
Hide details for AdministrationAdministration
FABNA3BQDMFixed a potential Domino server crash when DBMT is processing soft deletions.
Hide details for AdminpAdminp
FPAIA7EMUZApplying a policy to a user can result in the Owner item in the user's calendarprofile being set to the server name that is running the adminp...
Hide details for Alternate Name SupportAlternate Name Support
MNIA97NDBVFixed a problem where the full text search for From or Recipients doesn't search the alternate name in iNotes.
Hide details for APIAPI
RGAU9XUMQPFixed an issue that would cause corrupted attachments when using the Notes API to export data. This was reproducible with the Archiving-API sample...


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